Beatroot – Digital Supply Chain Specialist (US)

Beatroot empowers independence with an honest and transparent work ethic that returns value to our most important rights-holders: the artist. With a tight, resourceful team of professionals working in the music industry for more than 30 years, we commit full investment in our artists.

In a time when you can record a track in your bedroom, it’s tough to get your music heard when thousands of others are doing the same. Beatroot Music believes every artist is unique. Our team supports a release for the entirety of its life cycle. Our advanced content management system gives you autonomous control of your music. We will serve as your advocate on how you want to distribute your work and work by your side to customize a distribution strategy that aligns with your sound and reaches appropriate audiences


The Digital Supply Chain Specialist is responsible for ensuring the success of our systems, release deliveries, troubleshooting supply chain issues and managing operational relationships with our content ops and User Generated Content (UGC) partners like YouTube, VEVO, Facebook and Soundcloud. The role works closely with the management team across all sister companies to ensure operational best practices are understood and implemented.

Department Description

Our digital supply chain team develops and maintains the electronic infrastructure of Beatroot, Made in Memphis Entertainment its parent and sister companies which allows them to operate. The scope and responsibility of this department is vast, implementing components of DDEX, iterations of proprietary systems and deployment of third-party tool.

The Digital Supply Chain Specialist responsibilities may include, but will not be limited to:

Global Supply Chain
  • Monitoring and troubleshooting issues impacting our audio and video supply chain in partnership with our Engineering team
  • Provide swift resolutions and feedback to our client relations team to super serve our customers
  • Assist with the creation of documentation for internal best practice guidelines for dissemination to internal teams and clients
  • Track and manage copyright infringement and streaming abuse claims for catalog material across all DSP’s
  • Develop and manage operational relationships with content ops colleagues at digital retail services
  • Manage technical integrations including but not limited to DSP’s, fingerprinting/detection services and UGC partners
  • Work intercompany to plan, design and deploy processes for ingesting and encoding pre-release metadata and audio assets
User Generated Content
  • Monitor content deliveries to UGC platforms and ensure Beatroot catalog is properly ingested and monetized
  • Ensure all copyright conflicts are resolved
  • Interact with other labels and distributors to resolve issues around ownership and availability
Required Experience:
  • Strong business acumen and results oriented
  • 3 years’ experience in digital operations or digital supply chain
  • Expertise with content management systems such iTunes Connect, Spotify CMS
  • YouTube Content ID certified
  • Strong computer skills including HubSpot, MS Office (Word, Excel & Outlook) and an intimate knowledge of the internet
  • Advanced analytical skills, focused on resolution of technical operation issues
  • Ideally located in the New York or Los Angeles area

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