Beatclub – A&R (US)

Music Tech platform Beatclub founded by legendary producer Timbaland and music executive Gary Marella is hiring.

Beatclub is the premiere platform for artists, producers and songwriters to buy and sell beats, acappellas, demos, samples and loops. We are seeking enthusiastic A&R people to focus on producers, songwriters, interact with labels, publishers and music supervisors.

This person must have 3+ years A&R experience at a label, publishing company, management company or DSP’s.

Beatclub is seeking an A&R person to handle a variety of functions for our platform engaging with artists, label A&R’s, producers, songwriters, music publishers, music supervisors and gaming companies. You should be passionate about the music industry and have some previous experience working in a creative role at a record label, music publisher, management company or music streaming service.

You should be a self-starter, and adaptable to frequent change. You’re a natural problem solver and ready to think creatively about big challenges and present solutions. You’re also naturally collaborative with a proven track record of working successfully across teams and time zones. This position is based in LA or NYC for US role; London for UK role and currently reports to the CEO of the company in Los Angeles.


The core function of Beatclub’s A&R team is to support the platform’s subscribers, communicate with labels, DSP’s, publishers and music supervisors.  In addition to searching for artists, producers and song writers to join Beatclub, we also offer distribution, publishing admin, TV/Film sync opportunities and more to artists and creatives that join Beatclub. Our A&R team will oversee creative on all of Beatclub’s projects.

  • Handle / approve daily submissions for Beatclub.
  • Search for artists, producers and songwriters to join Beatclub.
  • Bring A&R teams, management companies, publishers, music supervisors to Beatclub by working with current creative team.
  • Provide A&R services for projects Beatclub sends out to its subscribers such as TV / film projects, artist projects etc.
  • Work closely with internal team and external teams including labels, publishers, DSP’s etc.
  • 3+ years A&R music industry experience, preferably at a record label, music publisher, management company, music tech or DSP
  • Knowledge of music, tech, music production
  • Knowledge of producer deals, publishing, royalties, PRO etc.


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