Archangel Management/PACE Rights Management – Assistant (UK)

A dual role at an artist management company with booking agency and global promo delivery roles (Archangel Management), and the global leader in assisting Rightsholders to Direct License their Live Pubic Performance Rights (PACE Rights Management).

  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to multitask, and efficiently and effectively manage time.
  • Excellent organisational skills.
  • Problem solver.
  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Experienced in using IT: Mail, Numbers, Excel, Pages, Word, Photoshop (preferred).
  • Discretion.
  • Flexible working hours and location.
  • Opportunity to expand and evolve role.
  • Rights Management:
  • Creating and verifying Potential Works spreadsheets.
  • Creating and updating Setlist Calculation spreadsheets.
  • Researching Rightsholder contacts.
  • Researching PRO Licensing and Distribution policies.
  • Management/Agency/Promo:
  • Populating & updating metadata on PRO registrations.
  • Populating & updating Music Glue webshop with tickets and merchandise.
  • Updating webshop merchandise sheets.
  • Occasional creation of basic graphics for online banners/posts.
  • Occasional customer service.
  • Occasional reconciliation of tour budgets.
  • Creating artist social media analytics reports.
  • Creating & updating ticket allocations and ticketing spreadsheets.
  • Creating performance contracts & invoices.
  • Sourcing social media content from promoters.
  • Issuing Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS).
  • Liaising with promo people and Tour Manager & Artist to set-up interview schedule.
  • Liaising with promo people to source promo clips/links/reports.

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