Anonymous – Head of Marketing & Commercial Partnerships (US/UK)

About Our Client

Our music company is a new global music venture focused on investing in and providing personalized solutions to independent labels and artists. Our goal is to establish a world-class, future-facing entity. We strive to be a record company for the future, based on flexibility, deep values and a passion for independent culture. We are building a team to join us on that journey. You will be joining a fast-growing, values-focused organization, led by a team of renowned industry experts working with a broad range of music genres.

Driven by our core mission to respect, preserve and enhance the legacies and cultural identity of our growing list of artist and label partners, we care deeply about our company culture. We are committed to providing a working environment that is inclusive and promotes collaboration and contribution.

Position Summary

Lead coordinated resources that drive awareness, engagement and consumption for the company, its labels, artists, releases and catalogs globally.  Create a world class integrated digital, marketing and commercial partnerships shared service that meets the diverse needs of the company’s acquired labels, catalogs and assets.  Orchestrate all marketing asset, social media and advertising strategies to maximize opportunities for the company.  Leverage the catalogs’ depth and legacy and create storytelling opportunities and compelling marketing campaigns that drive discovery and rediscovery.  Lead sales strategy and directly manage strategic relationships with digital distributors and DSPs. Design, execute and measure successful streaming and sales campaigns.  Create best practices to maximize results with each DSP. Leverage analytics to maximize value for the company and its DSP partners.


Reports directly to the company Partners responsible for revenue growth.


Flexible. Colleagues are working virtually and currently based in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, London and other locations.

Specific Responsibilities

Elevate the company’s brands and growing repertoire of artists and catalog: 

  • Lead cohesive marketing initiatives across all traditional and digital channels.
  • Partner with Label Managers and artists’ teams to translate artistic vision into compelling marketing campaigns that cascade effectively into streaming campaigns.
  • Manage overall marketing calendar, keeping colleagues, external resources, artists and other participants aligned throughout the planning and execution of campaigns.
  • Incorporate influencer marketing strategies into each campaign.
  • Oversee all marketing asset creation and management, including video, social media and advertising assets.
  • Oversee all label and artist social media, keeping artists’ social media aligned with the company’s best practices and unique campaign strategy.
  • Responsible for overall marketing budgets and marketing and advertising campaign budgets.
  • Make effective ROI based, advertising strategy and spend decisions.
  • Aggregate data from a variety of sources including marketing, social media, streaming, charts, radio, etc., make analytics informed decisions, and continual measure results to inform further optimization of marketing activities.

Drive consumption for the company’s music through the following:

  • Develop streaming and consumption and sales strategies for the company catalog and roster.
  • Create a discipline for creating and executing campaigns around new releases, re-issues and catalog.
  • Build collaborative relationships with DSPs and with the distributors for each of the company’s labels.
  • Understand best practices for how each DSP prefers to interact with labels and distributors, and coordinate campaigns and exclusives that capitalize on each DSPs unique positioning.
  • Foster relationships with curators, editorial staff, playlisters and influencers across music services, and create opportunities to elevate the company’s music.
  • Take advantage of range of strategies in streaming around artist, era, genre, mood and other playlists.
  • Find opportunities for the releases and catalog in emerging music usage in user generated content, fitness, gaming and other categories.
  • Know the catalog so that cultural moments can be identified quickly, and campaigns can be activated that drive consumption in the catalog.
  • Gather and analyze data, generate and report on insights, identify opportunities and make and execute on data informed decisions.
  • Leverage SEO, algorithms, voice and other technologies to influence consumption on music services.
  • Ensure seamless alignment with digital and marketing activities and make data informed decisions that convert engagement into consumption and audience growth.
  • Follow trends in demographics and user behavior, and design streaming and sales strategies to capture existing fans of the company’s music as they migrate to streaming, and drive discovery of the Company’s music for new generations of fans.
  • Work closely with Label Managers to fully understand the ethos of each catalog priority.
  • Partner with Label Managers and align staff in Marketing, Commercial Partnerships, Data Strategy, and Physical to ensure coordinated campaigns, schedules and outcomes.
  • Minimum of 10 years in digital marketing in the music business and streaming sales at a music label or distributor, or in label relations at a DSP.
  • Digital marketing and sales experience in catalog, and across diverse genres. Frontline digital sales experience a plus.
  • Experience leading brand, social media and fan engagement for catalog artists.
  • Demonstrated track record of reinvigorating catalogs by driving consumption as existing audience adopts streaming, and by introducing catalog to new audiences.
  • Deep digital music marketing experience.
  • Strong multi-genre catalog marketing experience.
  • Demonstrated ability to work with data and analytics.
  • Collaborative relationship builder, who creates programs that mutually benefit artists, labels, distributors and DSPs.
  • Strong relationships across the major DSPs, and a working knowledge or DSP structures.
  • Hands on marketing and digital professional with a strategic thinker / builder mindset.
  • Demonstrated experience as a leader with a track record building and leading a team as business growth permits.
  • Resourceful, and hands on, with experience selecting and managing outside agencies, advertising and other specialists.
  • Strong understanding and appreciation for independent ethos.
  • Naturally curious, creative problem solver who can diagnose situations and is resourceful and collaborative about solutions.
  • Self-starter, leader / doer with the capacity to work independently.
  • Highest integrity and work ethic.
  • Excellent leader and team player with strong communication skills.

A competitive salary and benefits package will be offered, commensurate with the role and the relevant experience of the final hire.

The company is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, protected veteran status, disability status, age, or any other status protected by law. Further, the company strives to create a diverse, welcoming, equitable and inclusive environment for all applicants, employees, member companies and partners.


To apply or recommend a qualified candidate, please send a resume to [email protected] and include “Head of Marketing & Commercial Partnerships 2021” in the subject line.

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