AEI Group – Licensing & Publishing Manager, Paternity Cover (UK)

Licensing & Publishing Manager Paternity Cover Role

Starting March 22nd – October 31st 


AEI Group is a community of ventures and creative outsiders focussed on empowering the next generation of talent through music.


This is a unique seven month paternity cover opportunity to work across AEI Recordings and the Featherstone Publishing teams in a paralegal and publishing role. In this role, you should have proven experience and knowledge in both recording rights and music publishing. You will be working to review, draft and finalise recording and publishing agreements for new signings in both departments and reporting to the Head of Music director at AEI.

Main Duties
  • Review, draft and finalise new recording agreements
  • Negotiation of terms where necessary
  • Review, draft and finalise album deals / exclusive artist deals
  • Liaising with product managers and label managers to discuss terms
  • Renewal of deals across distribution and recording catalogue
  • License out recordings to third parties and negotiate terms where necessary
  • Answer copyright enquiries on catalogue and previous signings
  • Register new copyright and royaltors on internal worksheet
  • Liaise with Royalty Manager during accounting periods to ensure data is correct
  • Review, draft and finalise new distribution deals
  • Answering copyright queries with team and artists contacts
  • Review, draft and finalise new Single Song Assignment agreements
  • Negotiation of terms where necessary
  • Review, draft and finalise exclusive songwriter agreements
  • Registering new catalogue each month
  • Fixing copyright discrepancies and liaising with publishing administrator to fix
  • Adding data on each new copyright on worksheet
  • Liaising with A&R to create best deals for artists
  • Seeking out single song assignment opportunities on recording signings
  • Answering copyright queries with team and writers
Abilities & Strengths 
  • Strong understanding of music publishing
  • Strong understanding of Recording rights
  • Ability to draw new contracts using templates
  • Proven experience in negotiation of contractual terms
  • Experience using online signature platforms such DocuSign / RightSignature etc
  • Spreadsheet and database skills
  • Strong ability to multitask and work across multiple teams
  • Experience using Google sheets / Excel / airtable
  • Background in legal preferred but not required
  • 5 Years of music industry experience at a label or publisher
  • Communicate clearly and precisely

Contact: Frazer Richardson – [email protected]

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