300 Entertainment – Digital Marketing + Streaming Manager (US)

The digital team at 300 Entertainment is a full-service marketing team, dedicated to building artist careers through the intersection of music and technology.

We are responsible for all digital strategy and marketing for all artists on the roster, acting as artists partners across music, touring, and all other aspects of the artist career.

Through creative marketing campaigns, social and streaming communities, with an eye towards evolving the way that fans listen to, participate in, and consume music + related products. We create, market and optimize content, develop and implement CRM/fan acquisition strategies, and work with new, engaging digital platforms and startups. Additionally, we work directly with all social and streaming partners to strengthen our marketing ideas, strategy plans, and aim to be strategic partners.

Job Description:

Key person to support + operate day-to-day marketing in the Digital department, with a vital focus on strategy development, content, reporting, and marketing support. The ideal candidate is interested in the intersection between consumer online behavior, music, and technology. This person utilizes social platforms and streaming services everyday, is interested in the newest technology, and has a passion for leveraging the interest to drive artists’ careers and revenue. They live on social media, multiple streaming platforms, lifestyle blogs + outlets, and discover new music and music-related campaigns in interesting ways.

The ideal candidate will help us achieve our daily goals of bettering social engagement across artist roster while strengthening artist perception of value [of digital department], as well as drive communication + delivery of timely information to all partners at social and streaming platforms.

Detailed Job Description/Responsibilities:

  •  Work within digital marketing team to develop compelling and powerful online marketing strategies for artists on 300’s roster
  •  Work closely with all 300 teams (Marketing, A&R, Promotions, Creative, Operations) to bring campaigns and initiatives to life, while working closely on day-to-day responsibilities.
  •  Communicate with streaming + social partners on weekly (if not daily) basis to share updates, company priorities, and pitches.
  •  Construct community/fan-building initiatives. Examples of online involvement include fan recruitment through artists social and email lists
  •  Brainstorm and implement exciting new online content (exclusive audio and video content, contests), optimized for each distribution network/channel
  •  Drive ideas for websites, contests, mini-sites and media promotions to maximize artist visibility online, with measured KPIs to validate success of each campaign
  •  Execute effective online advertising campaigns for artists, creating a strong presence in the desired target market and community
  •  Work directly with artists and artist management to ensure requests and expectations are handled intelligently and carried out effectively
  •  Attend and contribute to all related company meetings in connection with assigned projects, and provide dept. head with timely feedback and follow-up regarding any action items
  •  Outreach + upkeep of digital, social, and viral marketing agencies/networks for music/video/tour engagement
  •  Work closely with streaming coordinator to build streaming roadmap + set goals
  •  Weekly/daily stats + performance reports across socials and streaming services for internal team to better understand movement across all channels
  •  Understand and report key metrics that indicate growth or decline in streams, socials, and other social stats
Required Competencies/Skills:
  •  Deep knowledge of contemporary music scene and lifestyle, ranging from urban to non-urban music and lifestyle
  •  Understanding/Expertise of interactive technologies and communication tools including email, social media platforms, and viral marketing techniques
  •  Deep knowledge and interest in streaming landscape (Spotify, Apple, YouTube, Amazon, Soundcloud, Pandora, etc)
  •  Creative marketing ideas
  •  Strong organizational abilities
  •  Able to multitask and prioritize workflow based on internal priorities
  •  Ability to manage multiple deadlines and complete urgent tasks
  •  Attention to detail
  •  Excellent verbal and writing skills
  •  Creative minded and self-starter
  •  Reporting skills
Special Requirements/Preferences:
  •  2-3 years of digital/social and/or streaming experience preferred
  •  Must love online marketing and new technology, and be a quick learner of 
new digital tools
  • Some experience with Photoshop, basic HTML, social media publishing tools
  • Digital Marketing/Music/Entertainment-related jobs or experience 
  • Music industry experience highly recommended
  • Knowledge of digital advertisement buying
Education Required:
  • BS in Marketing, Communications, or similar

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