300 Entertainment – Digital Analyst (US)

300 Entertainment is one of the most prominent independent record labels currently.

The digital team at 300 Entertainment is a full-service marketing team, dedicated to building artist careers through the intersection of music and technology.

We are responsible for all digital strategy and marketing for all artists on the roster, acting as artists partners across music, touring, and all other aspects of the artist career.

Through creative marketing campaigns, social and streaming communities, with an eye towards evolving the way that fans listen to, participate in, and consume music + related products.

We create, market and optimize content, develop and implement CRM/fan acquisition strategies, and work with new, engaging digital platforms and startups.

Additionally, we work directly with all social and streaming partners to strengthen our marketing ideas, strategy plans, and aim to be strategic partners.

What’s the job?

As data becomes not only an ever-abundant resource, but an ever-evolving mechanism for painting a picture on how consumers react to music, the Digital Analyst role at 300E looks to take the data that’s surrounding our music and artists and build the book that narrates for each of our artists where their careers have built to, and directions on how to keep building on their journey.

This person will look to break down the core question for a record label – how do we break an artist across the world?

What this person must love and aspire to do is to be able to take problems and questions surrounding our artists, and using data work to understand the consumer behavior around how fans connect with music, whether that be information from radio, sales, streaming, touring, merch, and most importantly social media interaction and reactivity.

Why would you want this job?

What this job allows for is an opportunity to take an analytical mindset that revels in making data make sense conceptually to both themselves and everyone around them, and do it in the extremely exciting and fast-paced music industry. The job puts you in a position to be one of the closest, if not the closest, person to the story of an artist’s progression, and as such this job puts you in a position to directly be the person that tells this story.

Where we need you to hone your skills:
  •  Collecting and translating data into both actionable insights and easily read-able and digestible reporting for all departments of 300E
  •  Providing an empathetic and economic review approach to data, allowing your analysis to lead and dictate strategy deployment that could range from overall advertising budget spending decisions to specific marketing campaigns centered around specific geographic territories.
  •  Discerning how to best use and apply a multitude of analysis tools, both as stand-along tools and also as tools that work together to paint
    • In turn, this also requires prioritizing various facets of the tools at hand to make sure you’re reviewing the data you need, and not the data that you don’t
  •  Analyze the effects of various influences that surround music to understand how it affects the consumption of our artists
    • When analyzing consumption, this doesn’t only relate to sales and streaming consumption, but the understanding that a person’s interaction with an artist via any platform (either actively or passively) is consumption of an artist, and using that to strategize on how to keep a consumer coming back once they’ve consumed is key.

Ideal candidates bring the following to the table:
  •  Impeccable organizational skills 
amiliarity with Nielsen SoundScan/MusicConnect, Mediabase, and Spotify analytics 
toolsamiliarity with Nielsen SoundScan/MusicConnect, Mediabase, and Spotify analytics 
  •  Impeccable communication skills (both written and verbal)
  •  Ability to understand prioritization of tasks and assignments
  •  Maneuver-ability to accomplish goals and tasks within an extremely fast-paced working 
  •  An appreciation and knack for empathetic problem solving
  •  Looking to be a self-starter and have autonomy with respect to working tasks
  •  A love for the internet, technology, social media, and music 
Some of the general prerequisites we’d like in a candidate:
  •  1-2 years experience
  •  Familiarity with Nielsen SoundScan/MusicConnect, Mediabase, and Spotify analytics 
  •  Background in analytics and writing

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