​Future Classic – Label Coordinator (US)

​​Future Classic is looking for a full time label coordinator to join the team in Los Angeles.

The role is to assist the Future Classic marketing department to maximize the commercial exploitation of Future Classic’s recorded music catalogue and to support the VP Marketing on bringing projects from A&R to the product team.

​​​​Key responsibilities
  • ​​Assist the VP Marketing on day to day running of the department
  • ​​Assist each product manager / team with their respective projects
  • ​​Managing FC’s digital asset library
  • ​​Executing on roll outs and release launches
  • ​​Executing on marketing opportunities
  • ​​Data and consumption analysis
​​​Ideal candidate
  • ​​Strong communication skills
  • ​​Strategic thinking and goal setting
  • ​​Ability to define the unique identity and market position of an artist
  • ​​Strong knowledge of the music business and current trends
  • ​​Strong budget and timeline management skills
  • ​​Excellent verbal, written and interpersonal skills
  • ​​Fluency in data analysis and understanding of key portals (Chartmetric, Soundcharts, DSP portals etc)
  • ​​Project management focused – ability to go from concept to finished product and meet delivery deadlines, within budgets
  • ​​Working knowledge of the A&R process
  • ​​Genuine love of music and strong knowledge of artists signed to and associated with Future Classic
  • ​​Willingness to learn and adapt to change as dictated by future technologies
​​About Future Classic

​​​​We are an independent artist management, label and creative company with offices in Los Angeles and Sydney. Our mission is to enable the cultural influencers of our generation — to empower artists as entrepreneurs, and build careers and artist businesses that are unique, resilient, commercially successful and creatively uncompromising.

​​Interested applicants, please send your resume and cover letter to jobs@futureclassic.com with subject ‘Label Coordinator’.