Jay Frank, Universal streaming and digital marketing expert, dies aged 47

Jay Frank, widely regarded as one of the most influential streaming focused execs in the modern record industry, has died aged 47.

The digital music pioneer passed away on Sunday (October 13). The cause of death was cancer.

Sir Lucian Grainge, chairman/CEO of UMG, said in a statement: “Jay leaves an immense legacy. He was a creative and tireless leader who made significant contributions to the evolution of our global marketing efforts.

“Many of the ways we market our artists and their music in the streaming era stems from Jay’s innovative work. But more than anything else, Jay was a loving father and husband. We send our deepest condolences to his family and friends. We will miss him dearly.”

Frank was founder of both subscription service DigSin and digital music marketing company DigMark, in addition to Futurehit Inc., which predicted the chart potential of emerging songs.

He authored of books including “Futurehit.DNA” and “Hack Your Hit”.

Frank worked for the likes of Ignition Records, The Box, CMT and Yahoo! Music during his career. He joined Universal Music Group in 2015 and most recently held the role of SVP, Global Streaming Marketing.Music Business Worldwide

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