Is Artificial Intelligence about to transform the sync industry?

There’s been plenty of discussion and debate on MBW’s pages regarding the impact that Artificial Intelligence might have on the music business in the future.

Obviously, there’s its potentially seismic effect on the way musicians make music – whether that’s AI producing non-human music from scratch, or providing tools that artists and songwriters can use to compose and perform in the studio.

But there’s also AI’s application to more practical B2B tools to consider. Just last week, for example, we heard from Canada-based LANDR, which has launched an AI tool that helpfully sifts through its huge catalog of samples for those looking for a specific sound.

Today, (September 4), a new twist on AI arrives via a fresh partnership between production music library Audio Network and Singapore-based machine learning company, Musiio.

In a nutshell, Audio Network – which was acquired for $215m by Entertainment One earlier this year – will now be able to provide its clients with an AI-enhanced search function to help them find the right track amongst’s AN’s 170,000-strong catalog.

Singapore-based Musiio claims it can provide B2B clients a new way of “listening” to music at scale, searching up to one million tracks in under two seconds.

The hope, therefore, is that big sync agencies, or TV/movie/video game/ad houses, will be able to find the perfect track for their campaign, faster, within Audio Network’s database.

“We view machine learning and AI techniques as instruments for extending human creativity, not something that replaces it.”

Matthew Hawn, Audio Network

“AI has been on the fringes of the music industry for the last few years, with talk of labels signing algorithms. But recently, more commercial and practical uses of this powerful computing technology have begun to surface,” explains Musiio CEO and co-founder Hazel Savage.

“This deal demonstrates how AI and technology companies like ours can work with a company like Audio Network, to protect everything that is great about the music industry, the personal touch, the knowledge of experts and also to create tools that let the team step up to the challenge of a huge and fast-growing industry.”

“Audio Network approaches Artificial Intelligence carefully with regard to music. We view machine learning and AI techniques as instruments for extending human creativity, not something that replaces it,” said Matthew Hawn, Chief Product Officer at Audio Network.

“Many AI tools for music are clever technology hacks in search of an actual problem to solve, but our partnership with Musiio for extending music search and recommendations is about solving real problems for our customers.

“Blending Musiio’s technology with our expert human curation will mean our artists and composers’ music is more accessible to more customers globally.”Music Business Worldwide

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