Introducing Trailblazer: The Richard Antwi Award at The A&R Awards 2021

Richard Antwi

Music Business Worldwide is proud to announce that the A&R Awards 2021 will see the inaugural presentation of Trailblazer: The Richard Antwi Award.

The annual award will recognise the achievements of an up-and-coming entrepreneur who has made waves in the music business over the past year.

This individual doesn’t have to work directly in A&R, but must – like Antwi himself – be someone pushing boundaries in the industry on their own terms, while making a game-changing contribution to artist careers.

The 2021 recipient of The Richard Antwi Award has already been decided by a behind-closed-doors panel of senior music industry figures, in conjunction with the Antwi Family.

Richard’s mother, Felicia Adanse, said of the new award: “The Trailblazer award definitely captures Richard’s legacy. We want to thank MBW for recognising Richard’s contributions and hope this award will encourage and uplift future trailblazers.”

And Matt Ross, one of Antwi’s closest friends, said: “Phrases are sometimes so familiar that the quality they describe is not always fully appreciated – but there are few individuals more deserving of the descriptor ‘Trailblazer’ than Rich.

“His vision was creative; his ambition always bold, and carried with a deep sense of community and generosity. Quietly at the centre of everything – he would be proud to support others on similar journeys.”

The UK-focused A&R Awards – presented by MBW in association with Abbey Road Studios – returns to London on November 9, and are now completely sold out.

“The Trailblazer award definitely captures Richard’s legacy. We hope this award will encourage and uplift future trailblazers.”

Felicia Adanse, Richard Antwi’s mother

Trailblazer: The Richard Antwi Award joins other important celebrations of Richard’s life and achievements – most notably The Richard Antwi Scholarship.

Founded by family and friends in 2016, the Richard Antwi Scholarship champions Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic individuals and is awarded in conjunction with the Music Business Management MA at the University of Westminster.

The Scholarship is supported by all three UK major record labels, music publishers, and several of the top independent music companies and law firms.

Graduates of The Richard Antwi Scholarship to date have gone on to work in positions at 0207 Def Jam, Universal Music Publishing Group and other music industry companies.Music Business Worldwide