Independent label RT Industries launches with divestments from Warner

A new independent label has launched under the name of RT Industries with a catalogue made up of divestments from Warner.

The label has been founded by Craig Balsam and Cliff Chenfeld who launched Razor & Tie in 1990, which was wholly acquired by Concord Music in January this year. 

RT Industries will be distributed worldwide by Warner’s services division, ADA.

Seven artist catalogues made up of nearly 1,000 music copyrights have joined its roster, which were all acquired from Warner Music as part of its divestment process following the Parlophone buyout.

Those include Black Oak Arkansas, Sheena Easton, Fat Joe, Jesus Jones, Sugar Ray, Trapt and The Vapors.

RT Industries has the full worldwide rights to hit singles from the past five decades, including ’70s releases Jim Dandy (To the Rescue) by Black Oak Arkansas, and ’80s tracks Turning Japanese by The Vapors and 9 to 5 (Morning Train) by Sheena Easton. 

From the ‘90s, tracks include Right Here, Right Now by Jesus Jones and Every Morning by Sugar Ray. 

From the 2000s, there’s What’s Luv? ft. Ashanti by Fat Joe and Headstrong by Trapt.

“I would describe RT Industries as ‘a startup with a track record’. We have staff in New York and London, reach with ADA around the world, and almost 1,000 recorded music copyrights.”

craig balsam, rt industries

“I would describe RT Industries as ‘a startup with a track record’,” said Craig Balsam. 

“We have staff in both New York and London, and our partnership with ADA extends our reach around the world. 

“We have, from day one, almost 1,000 recorded music copyrights and our objective is not only to maximize their potential across all platforms, but also to position these records and artists accurately in the history books of rock and pop.”

RT Industries officially launches on 21st April with its first three releases arriving for Record Store Day 2018.

Those are:

  • Jesus Jones – Zeroes & Ones: remixes by Aphex Twin and The Prodigy lead a 25th anniversary, individually-numbered 12” clear vinyl edition of the group’s prediction of the rise of social media
  • Sugar Ray – Fly: 20th anniversary 7” on coke bottle clear vinyl and previously unavailable in the USA
  • The Vapors – Turning Japanese: New Wave-defining international No. 1 on 33rpm 7” red vinyl with bonus track and numbered artwork

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