In Pictures: The parties of Midem 2015

Niels Teves ( Co-CEO of Fintage House) and guests.

Some people will tell you the global music industry is all work, work, work.

And it is… most of the time.

But when Midem rolls around – as it did last weekend in Cannes, France – some of the industry’s most significant players like to kick back, put a glass of vino in your hand and welcome the great and the good to their very own parties.

God bless them for that.

As you can see in the gallery below, Midem 2015 was no exception.

Scratch that, it was a bit of an exception… the sun was blazing in the south of France, thanks to the event’s move to June from its traditional January slot.

The likes of Fintage House / FUGA, InGrooves and Imagem all hosted well-received evening soirees in Cannes.

(Fintage/FUGA’s Sunday night party was particularly spectacular, at their own rented villa a short walk from La Croisette).

Pepsi, meanwhile, put on a Saturday morning breakfast at The Carlton hotel with Epic Records boss LA Reid as its guest of honour.

Le soleil did not stop shining: no wonder the place was full of smiles…


Pictured L-R:

  • Niels Teves (Co-CEO of Fintage House) and guests (07/06/15);
  • Fintage House & FUGA Villa Party 2015: The companies hosted a VIP event in Villa Mystique that brought together over 300 of the music industry’s key business players. Live performances came from Ruben Hein and Bo Saris, while a selection of electric/pop and deep house/dirty techno was laid on by OIJ and DJ Duo Delicatesse;
  • Pieter van Rijn (CEO of FUGA), guests and Christian Kroner (Director Aggregation & Services FUGA);
  • The Fintage/FUGA party at Villa Mystique in full swing;
  • Robert Ashcroft (CEO – PRS) / André de Raaff (Group CEO – Imagem) at Imagem’s cocktail party;
  • André de Raaff (Group CEO – Imagem) / John Frankenheimer (Chairman Emeritus – Loeb & Loeb LLP);
  • John Minch (CEO – Imagem UK) / André de Raaff (Group CEO – Imagem);
  • Natasha Baldwin (Group President, Creative & Marketing – Imagem UK) / Alex Orbison (President – Orbison Productions) / Chuck Fleckenstein (General Manager and COO – Orbison Productions);
  • Jens-Markus Wegener (Managing Director – Imagem Music Germany) / Roberto Neri (Managing Director – Eagle-I Music) / Emmanuel de Buretel (President – Because Editions);
  • Eric Bielsa (COO – Because Editions) / Kim Frankiewicz (Managing Director – Imagem Music UK) / Fredrik Ekander (CEO – Cosmos Music Group) / Peo Nylén (Managing Director – Scandinavian Songs;
  • The INgrooves team and friends find a quiet moment at its cocktail party: Alex Branson (INgrooves), Nick Roden (INgrooves), Andrew Slocombe (SRD), Dominic Jones (INgrooves), Viron Zourlas (Rough Trade DE);
  • LA Reid, interviewer Kate Thornton and Pepsi CMO Frank Cooper at Pepsi’s breakfast event (06/06/15);
  • LA Reid, Ellen Healy (Senior Marketing Director, Pepsi) and Pepsi CMO Frank Cooper (Pepsi CMO);
  • The Pepsi breakfast event at The Carlton;
  • The Pepsi Breakfast event at The Carlton.

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