ie: music’s Tim Clark is now a tribal chief… and we’ve got the pictures to prove it

The co-founder of London-based management powerhouse ie:music, Tim Clark, has been made a tribal Paramount Chief in Liberia.

The honour, presented by Queen Juli Endee on behalf of the National Council of Chiefs and Elders of Liberia (NACCEL) came in recognition of Tim’s charity work as a Vice-President of global children’s charity Unicef.

The man who, with David Enthoven, has managed Robbie Williams’ career for the past 18 years, has very kindly let MBW run the spectacular picture of his inauguration below… on one condition: that we tell all of our readers to give a monetary boost to Unicef post-haste (see below for details).

Said Tim: “I wouldn’t be laying myself open to much ribald commentary from my friends in the music industry on the publication of this picture were it not for my support for the children of Liberia and the remarkable job that Unicef is doing there.

“It was a tremendous honour to be made Paramount Chief Tim Tamba Clark.

“If you do nothing else to support Unicef’s efforts, please buy Passenger’s new album.

“In a wonderful act of generosity, Passenger is donating all the profits from the album, Whispers II, to Unicef’s Liberia project.”

You heard the man.

Passenger’s album is available for download via iTunes and Amazon through this link.

You can also read more about Unicef’s work in Liberia through here.

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