HMV starts selling CD and vinyl online for first time in over 2 years

HMV is selling CDs and vinyl to consumers online for the first time since the business was acquired by Hilco Capital in April 2013.

The firm’s new transactional website,, arrives after a successful trial in Ireland.

The retailer says that its new e-store ‘provides a clean and clear, easy-to-shop environment which focuses on HMV’s core vinyl, CD, DVD and Blu-ray product ranges’.

In the coming months, additional ranges will be added, including entertainment franchise merchandise and t-shirts. Customers can already purchase music downloads and event tickets from the HMV’s other websites.

The online store will match ‘curated’ promotions found in HMV stores, such as ‘US TV’, ‘Every Home Should Have One’ and ‘HMV loves…’.

“Our trial in ireland has proven beyond doubt that e-commerce sales are incremental rather than cannibalising stores.”

Paul McGowan, HMV

OVer the course of this year the site will be integrated with, HMV’s flagship editorial and content website, to provide reviews, interviews, staff picks and features alongside products.

Members of HMV’s award-winning loyalty programme, PureHMV, can currently earn points on online purchases, but PureHMV ‘will also be more tightly integrated with store.hmv in the coming months’, says the chain.

HMV Chairman Paul McGowan commented: “Our trial in Ireland over the past 12 months has proved beyond doubt that ecommerce sales are incremental rather than cannibalising the retail stores.

“While we remain cautiously optimistic, store.hmv will become HMV’s biggest store worldwide and we’re well placed to achieve that with a strong team and streamlined operations in place.”

HMV Canada was acquired by Hilco subsidiary Re:Capital in July 2011. Hilco Capital acquired HMV UK after it went into administration in January, 2013.

According to annual accounts, HMV UK posted nearly £17m in operating profit in the 11 months after Hilco swooped for the business: between January 29 and December 28 2013, the chain made £16.7m of operating profit from £311.2m of turnover.Music Business Worldwide

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