Germany’s GEMA posts €894m 2014 revenues, up 4.8%

German publisher and songwriter collecting society GEMA recorded revenues of €893.6 million in 2014, up 4.8% – or €41.2 million – on 2013.

Its income was particularly boosted by three areas of licensing: Public playback (€340.6m) Music, Television and Radio (€287.3m) and streaming services (€44.8m).

Although the body saw revenue rises in all three of these areas,  it said its streaming income was “still far from being equal to the volume of use and payments made in this area” for labels.

GEMA’s income from the recorded music business remained strong – amounting to approximately €109m – but this was down slightly on the previous year (2013: €110.4m, 2012: €117m).

The body also handles the administration for other collecting societies, including the GVL, VG Music Edition and the VG Wort. This generated revenues of €163.2 million.

GEMA is currently waiting to see if the EC will approve its joint licensing initiative with the UK’s PRS and Sweden’s STIM.

[Pictured: GEMA’s CEO, Harald Heker]Music Business Worldwide

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