Germany’s Budde Music launches new publisher with Starwatch

German independent publisher Budde Music has teamed up with the music marketing arm of leading TV broadcaster ProSiebenSat.1, Starwatch Entertainment, to jointly launch Starwatch Music Publishing.

Founded in 2005 Starwatch Entertainment is ProSieben’s central company for music, live entertainment, events, ticketing as well as artist management.

It works with more than 50 German national and international artists including Heino, Passenger, Lindsey Sterling, Westernhagen, Annett Louisan and Santiano.

In 2014 Starwatch marketed about 55% of the German Top 20 albums, tapping into the resources and ad space of its broadcasting parent.

For example the Passenger Single Let Her Go was the best selling song in the first half of 2013, having been pushed by ProSieben during trailers for shows and via other TV opportunities.

Meanwhile, Heinos album Mit freundlichen Grüßen gained platinum status in Germany after similar support.

Besides major co-operation with labels like Warner, Sony and Universal, Budde Music is the first music publishing company to have ever worked directly together with Starwatch.

“Our aim with this partnership is to promote new talent and existing projects through large advertising opportunities.”

Dr Rolf Budde, Budde Music

Katharina Frömsdorf, Managing Director of Starwatch Entertainment said: “For us and our ‘all encompassing’ music company model, it seems the right time to get into the music publishing business.

“Copyrights and catalogues are part of the relevant currencies in the future of the music industry.

“We are happy that we can work with a partner like Budde Music, an independent player with an optimal structure and many successful years in the national and international publishing business.”

Budde Music founder Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde said: “We are all proud to acquire an strong partner like Starwatch in Germany, and to offer together a new business model.

“Since the founding in 2005, the Entertainment Group established in the music business and they demonstrate their market value with the TV and online presence of ProSieben and Sat1.

“Our aim of this partnership is to promote new talent and already established projects through the large advertising opportunities and support them beyond the borders of Germany.”

[L-R]: Kolja Spohn – Head of Legal & Business Affairs, Budde Music; Benjamin Budde – MD & Head Of Creative, Budde Music; Katharina Frömsdorf – Managing Director, Starwatch Entertainment GmbH; Prof. Dr. Rolf Budde – CEO/Owner, Budde Music; Markus Hartmann – Director A&R/Content, Starwatch Entertainment GmbH.Music Business Worldwide

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