FUGA rolls out spatial audio support and automated delivery to Apple Music

FUGA CEO, Pieter van Rijn

FUGA has rolled out spatial audio support and automated delivery to Apple Music – the first B2B distributor to do so.

Acquired by Downtown Music Holdings in 2020, FUGA works with more than 800 music businesses across fifty countries.

FUGA has rolled out extensive support for Dolby Atmos mixed tracks, comprising a fully automated distribution tool for delivering immersive audio.

FUGA’s platform, available in English, Japanese, French and Brazilian Portuguese, now supports 17 audio encoding types, up to 192khz, and nine audio file formats, as well as audio/video bundles and music video distribution.

The platform also offers extended analytics, and royalty reporting capabilities. FUGA clients can access transparent insights into how their releases are performing, with analytics differentiating between Compressed, (Hi-Res) Lossless, and Immersive streams on Apple Music.

As a ‘Preferred Plus’ partner, FUGA sits on Apple Music’s highest tier of recommended distribution services and has already delivered releases from Dim Mak, Armada Music and Domino.

This follows Apple’s announcement that Apple Music will automatically play Dolby Atmos tracks on the latest versions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac and all AirPods and Beats headphones with an H1 or W1 chip.

“We’re very happy to be supporting this next generation format from the outset.”

Rob Webb, FUGA

Rob Webb, Head of Product, said: “We’re very happy to be supporting this next generation format from the outset.

“We believe immersive audio can significantly enhance the listening experience, and offering an end-to-end solution from delivery to data is perfectly aligned with the needs of FUGA’s quality-focussed labels.”

Separately, FUGA and independent label, Left Lane Recordings have agreed to extend their partnership for an additional two year term.

Launched in 2019 by Dutch artist and producer, Mr Probz, the label is home to a variety of genres from Dance to Hip Hop.

Having first started working together in 2019, the extended relationship is led by FUGA’s Benelux GM, Anneke Stulp and will see the two organisations deeper their partnership, with FUGA continuing to support Left Lane’s frontline activity with global marketing services, while enhancing the label’s ability to financially invest in future talent.

Stulp joined the business in January 2021 after working across the major and independent label system and most recently serving as Media & Communication Strategist with Dutch artist agency, Friendly Fire.

Mr Probz said: “We’re happy to have found such a good match in FUGA.

“The relationship has grown and strengthened organically in a way that strongly facilitates our needs and wishes as an independent label. Extending the partnership was the most natural move in providing the best service for the artists we work with.”

Added Stulp: “We’re proud to work with a forward-thinking, artist centric label such as Left Lane and are delighted to extend our partnership and be part of their continuing growth.

“FUGA remains dedicated to providing the tools, means and financial support to help our partners grow their business and invest in new talent.”Music Business Worldwide