France clocking up 1.25bn music streams every month

Music streaming continues to take off in France, with the country’s listeners clocking up 7.5bn streams in the first half of 2015.

The figure, which equates to 1.25bn streams each month, represents an increase of 36% compared to the same period in 2014.

According to the IFPI, France is the fifth biggest recorded music territory by value in the world, behind the US, Japan, Germany and the UK.

Every week, on average, 288 million streams are heard on audio streaming platforms in France, according to new SNEP figures.

That’s still some way behind the UK, where the BPI has just revealed that 500m streams now take place on audio platforms each week.

Across the first six months of 2015, the UK streamed on these services 11.5bn times, an 80% year-on-year rise.

France’s population is slightly bigger the UK at 66m – meaning its average per capita audio streaming rate is lower at 4.4 per person per week.

In the UK, according to MBW analysis, that weekly figure is higher at 6.9 streams (11.5bn/26 weeks/64m people).

And in the US – where 135.2bn streams took place in the first six months of the year, amongst a population of 319m – our estimates put audio streaming (roughly 48% of total volume vs. video streams) at 7.8 per person per week.


France’s TOP streaming chart, created last September, ranks the 200 biggest streaming tracks each week.

Just this list alone accumulated 1.2 billion streams in the first half of 2015.

The volume of streams in the Top 200 rose from 41 million weekly plays for the first week in January to 55 million in the last week of June.

Three titles have generated over 20 million streams during the Jan-June period, and 26 tracks topped 10 million streams.

“Listening to streaming music is becoming increasingly natural for the french.”

Guillaume leblanc, SNEP

Cheerleader by OMI (pictured) was the most popular, with 26.5 million streams in the six months.

Guillaume Leblanc, Managing Director of SNEP, said: “Listening to streaming music is becoming increasingly natural for the French.

The arrival in recent weeks of new subscription offerings [Apple Music] will help to further increase this dynamic.


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