Fintage House launches ‘full-service’ publishing model – including masters

Rights management group Fintage House is helping fund its music publishing clients through the process of promoting and getting their recordings into the marketplace, MBW has discovered – assisting with the distribution, marketing and promotion of their masters across Europe and beyond.

Netherlands-based Fintage is best known for its publishing administration and neighbouring rights operations, as well as its connections in the audio-visual world.

It is also a key shareholder in digital distribution platform FUGA and has a strategic business partnership with Digital Artists Entertainment, a company which enables celebrities to manage (and monetize) their social media channels.

Rather than taking on label services leaders like [PIAS], ADA, Essential, Kobalt and Caroline directly, Fintage is treating its new masters capability as a way to give a ‘leg up’ to its existing publishing signings, MBW is told.

“This new publishing position can offer clients a more sustainable and panoramic view of what’s achievable along with preserving and encouraging their artistic independence,” said Andrew Gummer, Music President, Fintage House.

The first beneficiary of Fintage’s move into the area is British band BirdPen (pictured), whose upcoming album ‘In The Company of Imaginary Friends’ will be released in Germany on May 8th and in the UK/France on May 18th.

“We see so much music that’s not getting a voice with the sheer number of new recordings being made.”

Andrew Gummer, Fintage House

“BirdPen have their own label and a clear idea of where they want their releases to go, both on the audio and visuals, producing and manufacturing their releases themselves and selling their albums at their shows,” said Mandy Aubry – Head of Client Relations, Music Publishing, Fintage House.

“This independence has meant though that their album releases have historically sold primarily to their existing fanbase and the band’s media exposure had been minimal.

“Already a music publishing client, we loved the record, the band and their creativity and wanted to give them the opportunity to have their record supported by a real promotional and marketing campaign in a few key territories with a proper album release, both physically and digitally.”

Fintage has hired International Solutions to coordinate promotion and marketing duties across Europe for the band. Fintage’s digital distribution partner FUGA are handling the digital release, while Republic of Music is managing physical manufacturing and distribution.

Andrew Gummer added: “We’re all here fundamentally because we love music and we see so much music that’s not getting a voice with the sheer number of new recordings being made and digitally released.

“At Fintage, we all felt that there must be some way of getting more of these great tracks to the people who would love to discover them. Alongside our investment in FUGA, we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to make this happen as part of our business’.

Fintage hopes that its ‘publishing plus’ model will soon benefit other clients.

‘With our industry network and business partners, we can use our relationships to help clients to reach their full potential,” added Mandy Aubry.

“Sometimes, a little helping hand is all they need as they are the creators, and we can be the facilitators with an integrated and powerfully flexible service tool working for their needs, on a case-by-case basis.”Music Business Worldwide

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