Finneas O’Connell was the world’s No.1 songwriter on Spotify last year, says report

Billie Eilish's brother and co-writer/producer, Finneas O'Connell, releases his solo recordings via AWAL as Finneas

Throughout this week, MBW is previewing charts from a new industry report that tell us who the most successful songwriters were, globally, on various streaming platforms last year.

Yesterday saw us reveal the first set of charts from music rights data platform Blokur, which covered the performance of writers on various streaming services in 2020.

As we explained, Blokur’s songwriter charts take into account factors such as the success of songs on various streaming charts, as well as the percentage of each song that each songwriter is credited with writing. (You can read the full methodology behind Blokur’s charts through here.)

Today (July 6), we can reveal the songwriters that Blokur’s data suggests were the most successful worldwide on Spotify last year.

The first chart below reveals the top songwriters (including songwriter-artists) behind the biggest songs last year on Spotify.

The chart underneath also reveals the list of most successful songwriters on the platform in 2020 – but only those who didn’t also feature as an artist.

Interestingly, both lists are topped by the same individual: Finneas O’Connell (aka Finneas).

Finneas wrote 50% of hits for his sister, Billie Eilish, as well as releasing music as an independent artist himself (via AWAL).

In addition, he co-wrote/co-produced tracks released in 2020 by the likes of Demi Lovato, Celeste, Halsey, and Justin Bieber/Benny Blanco.

Finneas is signed to a global publishing deal with Kobalt.

The second-placed songwriter on Spotify last year, according to Blokur’s methodology, was Thomas Hull aka Kid Harpoon, who collaborated with Harry Styles on the latter’s double-platinum (US) Fine Line album.

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