Facebook has 10 times as many users as Spotify and Pandora combined

Facebook has announced a business update that includes new numbers related to its popularity – such as the stat which shows it now boasts a whopping 1.44bn monthly active users.

That translates to just over a fifth of the planet using the social media network.

If you combine the active user numbers of the music industry’s two leading free audio services (Spotify with 60m and Pandora with 82m), you reach 142m – almost exactly nine tenths smaller than Facebook.

Other highlights from Facebook’s user growth included the news that 800m people are using messaging service WhatsApp every day, while 600m are on Facebook’s own Messenger app.

Most interesting for the music business will be the stat which shows 4bn daily video views are currently being hosted on Facebook.

That figure is expected to be bearing down on YouTube, which boasts just over a billion users every month.

The last time YouTube’s daily video views were revealed was three years ago when the stat stood – you’ve guessed it – at 4bn.

In fiscal terms, Facebook’s revenues jumped up 42% year-on-year in Q1 to US $3.54bn in the first quarter. Ads claimed the vast majority – $3.32bn – of that income.

It posted a Q1 net profit of $512m.

Facebook’s figures slightly missed analyst expectations, which is blamed on a strong dollar against other key international territories.Music Business Worldwide

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