European Music Managers Alliance hires Yvonne Stausbøll as its first Executive Director

The European Music Managers Alliance (EMMA) has hired Yvonne Stausbøll as its first Executive Director.

Launched in 2018, EMMA is a pan-European body for managers that says its aim is “to ensure managers have closer involvement in all discussions and decisions that impact the future direction of the global music business”.

Stausbøll will be based in Brussels where she will be responsible for the general management of EMMA and the organisation’s engagement on policy issues within Europe.

With over 25 years experience working in public affairs in Brussels, Stausbøll “brings with her extensive knowledge of the European public policy environment – including 15 years combined in the European Commission and European Parliament,” says EMMA.

Stausbøll was previously the head of the independent energy sector trade association UPEI. Since 2019, Stausbøll has worked within the music and culture sector, most recently with the cultural organisations Music Without Borders and Freemuse.

EMMA provides a point of contact to engage with music managers across Europe to create dialogue between the industry and policy-makers. The organisation brings together Music Managers Forums in Belgium, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Spain, Sweden and the UK, and have links to allied organisations in Australia, Canada and New Zealand.

EMMA collectively represent more than 1,200 music managers across Europe and 600 worldwide who, in turn, represent the commercial and professional interests of tens of thousands of artists, songwriters, producers and DJs.

“I am delighted to welcome Yvonne as our new Executive Director and look forward to working with her.”

Per kviman, emma

Per Kviman, Chair of EMMA, said: “I am delighted to welcome Yvonne as our new Executive Director and look forward to working with her.

“This is a significant step for EMMA. Yvonne’s extensive experience will help take our organisation forward, ensuring music managers have representation at the heart of European policy discussions and expanding our engagement with other music-based organisations.”Music Business Worldwide

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