Downtown Music Publishing acquires Nikki Sixx’s Mötley Crüe catalogue

Downtown Music Publishing has acquired Nikki Sixx’s complete Mötley Crüe publishing catalogue, featuring hits such as “Dr. Feelgood,” “Girls, Girls, Girls,” “Kickstart My Heart,” and “Home Sweet Home.”

Downtown previously served as Sixx’s administrator of these copyrights.

As part of the agreement, Downtown will also represent Sixx’s Neighbouring Rights and will continue to administer his non-Mötley compositions including those from his group Sixx: A.M – who recently hit headlines for speaking out against YouTube royalty payments.

Sixx:A.M’s fourth studio album, Prayers for the Damned, was released in April on Eleven Seven Records.

The album debuted at #2 on the Rock Charts in the US, hit Top 5 around the globe, and landed in the Top 20 on the Billboard 200 Chart.

Having worked with Sixx since 2009, Downtown has deployed his songs in key brand partnerships and sync licenses with the likes of Coldwell Bankers, Dodge, Yahoo, and Sprint, as well as a major Superbowl campaign for KIA.

Sixx said, “Moving from an old-school publisher with millions of songs to a creative, technology-driven shop like Downtown was smart business. We’ve had an incredible seven years together and I’m thrilled to continue to have them as my partners.”

“Moving from an old-school publisher with millions of songs to a creative, tech-driven shop like Downtown was smart business.”

Nikki Sixx

Andrew Bergman, COO and General Counsel of Downtown, said: “As one of Downtown’s earliest administration clients, Nikki gave our team an opportunity to prove what a modern music publisher can bring to the table.

“We are honored that he’s now selected Downtown to manage his Mötley Crüe catalog for the long-term and continue our very productive relationship together.”

Nikki Sixx is the co-founder, bassist, and principal songwriter of Mötley Crüe.

Formed in 1981, the band have released nine top-selling albums, which sold more than 50 million records worldwide, including the 6x Platinum Dr. Feelgood,and the 4x Platinum Shout At The Devil; Girls, Girls, Girls; and Theatre of Pain.

The band’s New York Times Best Seller book, The Dirt, is currently being adapted into a motion picture by director Jeff Tremaine.

Sixx also topped the New York Times Best Seller list for more than six months with his autobiography, The Heroin Diaries.

The book’s soundtrack, performed by his group Sixx: A.M., spawned the hit song “Life is Beautiful.”

Founded in 2007, Downtown Music Publishing has offices in New York, Nashville, Los Angeles, London, and Amsterdam.

The company manages catalogue including songs by The Beatles, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, The Kinks, Hans Zimmer, Bruce Springsteen, Mötley Crüe, One Direction, Hardwell, Santigold, and Carla Bruni.Music Business Worldwide

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