Deadmau5-founded Pixelynx launches KORUS AI music project in partnership with Beatport


Five months after being acquired by Animoca Brands, the parent company of The Sandbox gaming metaverse, music metaverse gaming platform Pixelynx has unveiled its new artificial intelligence project.

The project, called KORUS, is described as “musical AI companions”  that will “revolutionize” the way music is created by evolving and adapting based on creators’ choices, Animoca Brands said in an announcement on Twitter.

According to Pixelynx, “KORUS will revolutionize the creation of music by evolving and adapting based on your choices, unleashing creativity, and enabling creators to earn from music with a fun & easy interface.”

Pixelynx teamed up with deadmau5’s mau5trap label; Pioneer DJ and Beatport in launching KORUS.

For Beatport, the partnership comes as the company recently struck a new agreement with Believe-owned DIY music distribution company, TuneCore, to extend self-releasing artists’ reach to DJs and dance music producers.

Deadmau5 (Joel Zimmerman) and Richie Hawtin (Plastikman) launched Pixelynx in 2020, along with music and gaming industry veterans Ben Turner, Dean Wilson, and Inder Phull.

The company offers a physical and digital ecosystem for artists and fans by integrating the worlds of music, gaming and Web3.

With the KORUS project, Pixelynx says that it will offer artists and creators the ability to play, create and remix music from a global network of artists and labels, including mau5trap, while using officially licensed IP.

KORUS companions may be customized according to an artist’s preference, enhancing the music experience by providing personalized recommendations. 

By integrating KORUS in Pixelynx’s mobile gaming platform, Elynxir, players can discover, collect and trade music or train their own KORUS companions.

The so-called ‘companions’ will evolve and adapt based on an artist’s choices, according to the company.

Creators can also evolve their KORUS AI companions via Pixelynx’s exclusive digital collectibles called Artist DNA, according to NFT Evening.

These collectibles are designed to train and evolve the KORUS companion and create new content. It features music tracks and digital items that can be incorporated into the AI companion to generate new content.

The launch of the KORUS project comes amid the ongoing debate surrounding AI-generated music.

Grimes recently launched an AI project in beta, called, inviting users to create songs using her voice in exchange for a 50% share of the royalties.

Grimes is just among a few players in the music industry who are bullish on AI’s potential in music creation.

However,  rightsholders such as Universal Music Group have called out the  “content oversupply” caused by AI-generated content.

“Most of this AI content on DSPs come from the prior generation of AI, a technology that is not trained on copyrighted IP and that produces very poor quality output with virtually no consumer appeal,” said Universal Music CEO & Chairman Sir Lucian Grainge in a recent earnings call.

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