David Williams resigns from Shock Records

The founder of one of Australia’s best known labels, Shock Records, is stepping down as CEO after 24 years.

David Williams formed Shock in 1988 with partners Andrew McGee and Frank Falvo, but according to release issued today, he’s ‘decided it’s time to get the hell out of the way’.

“After a successful couple of years of rebuilding the business, it is the perfect time to hand the reins over to the next generation of Music, TV and Film enthusiasts,” he said, in what appears to be a good-natured exit from the company.

Control of Shock, now owned by Regency Media, will pass to executive GM Scot Crawford, of whom William said: “Shock has an enthusiastic and forward looking leader who I can guarantee is going to drive the business into an exciting future – I’m really looking forward to watching Shock grow over the coming years.”

Williams will continue to work with both Regency and Shock on new ventures.

He added: “I’ve enjoyed working with Regency owner Fiona Horman over the last year or so and we’ve identified a raft of new opportunities which should prove to be very rewarding – it’s a fantastic time to be in the Entertainment industry.”

Scot Crawford added, “Shock is an Australian entertainment institution – it is an honour to take on this role and I fully intend to give this monkey a damn good shake and take the business to even greater heights.”

Concluded Williams: “I’d like to thank the many, many people who have contributed to Shock’s success, and the Australian record and DVD buying public who have put up with our shenanigans over the last 24 years. I’ve very proud of what we’ve achieved together.

“We’ve released thousands of records by Australian Artists and pumped around a billion dollars back into the entertainment industry. This year alone we have paid through 3 million dollars in music royalties. It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride and it’s not over yet.”Music Business Worldwide

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