Darin Soler named Head of Global Marketing & Partnerships at Exceleration

Exceleration Music has hired Darin Soler as its Head of Global Marketing & Commercial Partnerships.

Exceleration music venture founded by indie sector executives Glen Barros, John Burk, Charles Caldas, Amy Dietz, and Dave Hansen, for the purpose of investing in independent labels.

Following senior roles at YouTube (most recently as Head of Catalog), Sony Music and Apple, Darin joins Exceleration to lead and coordinate all activities related to driving awareness, engagement and consumption for the artists and labels represented by the company globally.

He will also oversee Exceleration’s partnerships with key DSP and other commercial partners.

Soler joins a number of recent finance, operations and tech appointments across Exceleration’s growing team.

Donna Feeley has been appointed as Head of Accounting and Business Administration for the company.

Carrying a range of experience across a number of industries, including music, Feeley is responsible for overseeing the Company’s financial functions, including accounting and royalties.

Feeley also oversees HR and administration across the business.

With a career history spanning both the indie and major labels sectors, Andy Kman recently joined Exceleration as Head of Physical Operations, overseeing all practical aspects of the company’s non-digital business activities.

Working within the team led by Britnee Foreman, who joined the company in May, Exceleration’s Head of Data Strategy and Digital Operations, Larissa Woss joins as Digital Operations Manager.

Larissa is responsible for maintaining and executing all digital operations for the company, its labels and catalogs.

“I’m a firm believer in what [Exceleration] are doing.”

Darin Soler

Darin Soler said, “I’ve had the opportunity to work with the Exceleration partners as an advisor over the past few months, and to see them put their vision in action.

“I’m a firm believer in what they are doing.

“Joining this team, where I can apply my years of experience in the major label and digital music provider sectors to independent artists and labels is an exciting next step for me.

“I’m very thankful to Glen, John, Charles, Amy and Dave for trusting me to lead their global marketing and commercial strategy and bringing me into their nascent family.”

“Darin, Donna, Andy, and Larissa […] share our values about music, independent labels, and artists.”

Dave Hansen

Dave Hansen, said: “Darin, Donna, Andy, and Larissa are all smart, skilled people who share our values about music, independent labels, and artists.

“We welcome them to the Exceleration team and look forward to working with them in our mission to amplify the stories of our partner labels and artists.”

“One of Exceleration’s founding principles is to put people first in all that we do.”

Glen Barros

Glen Barros, added: “One of Exceleration’s founding principles is to put people first in all that we do.

“These new additions to the team clearly demonstrate this principle, as they are all amazing individuals in addition to being experts in their respective fields.

“We are so honored to have them join us on this exciting new journey.”Music Business Worldwide

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