Spotify’s Daniel Ek launches conference for ‘Brilliant Minds’. Tickets cost $2,900.

Spotify founder Daniel Ek has teamed up with Ash Pournouri, manager of Avicii and CEO and founder of At Night Management, to launch Symposium Stockholm, to be held from June 8-13, 2015.

In what’s already being dubbed a Swedish SXSW, Symposium Stockholm will offer ‘numerous planned dinners, receptions, concerts, festivals, showcases and after-parties’.

Throughout the week, events will include the Polar Music Prize, Polar Talks, Denniz Pop Awards, Scandinavian Music Summit, Summerburst Festival and Avicii Fest.

The jewel in the crown of Symposium Stockholm will be the ‘Brilliant Minds Conference’ on June 11-12 at Grand Hôtel Stockholm.

Ek and Pournouri, both Stockholm natives, say that Brilliant Minds will bring together ‘the brightest and most influential people in the music and tech industries’ in ‘closed-door forums’.

“I am excited that we will be able to look at what makes Stockholm the creative capital of the world.”

Daniel Ek, Spotify

Interested? Then get your wallet out.

Although select individuals ‘who are leaders in their fields’ have already received an invitation to the Brilliant Minds Conference, others have to apply online for the chance to attend at

The price for the two-day conference: a mere US $2,900 per ticket.

If an artist/label kept hold of 100% of a track’s Spotify royalties, it would take them approximately 414,285 streams to raise that amount of money.

“Stockholm has long been a hub of innovation and our unique viewpoint has impacted industry, music, technology, and culture. I am excited that we will be able to look at what makes this city the creative capital of the world, and what that means for the future,” said Daniel Ek.

Added Pournouri: “Symposium will show you why Sweden, through its entrepreneurial ecosystem of innovation and creativity, is uniquely positioned to breed tomorrow’s success stories, today.

“We are excited to have the top minds in the world come together in our hometown; we expect great ideas and connections to happen.”

Interesting to note that the marketing material promoting Sweden on the Symposium Stockholm website contains this conspicuous line:

‘Fact: The Nordics represent 3% of Europe’s population, but 33% of its billion dollar exits.’

Spotify was recently valued at $8.4bn, as it stands on the verge of receiving $400m in a new funding round.Music Business Worldwide

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