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Universal Music UK is a London-based division of Universal Music Group (UMG), and home to many of its home market’s leading record labels.

Those labels include Capitol Records, Decca Records, Fiction, Island Records (UK) and Polydor Records.

Universal Music UK’s largest label is EMI Records, run by its President, Rebecca Allen. Allen took over as head of the label in June 2020, as it was renamed from its previous incarnation as Virgin EMI. 

In early 2021 Universal Music UK launched another frontline label, Def Jam 0207, run by co-Presidents – and twin brothers – Alec and Alex Boateng.

Other non-label divisions of Universal Music UK include its central catalog division, UMC, plus Abbey Road Studios, and Universal Music On Demand, which specifically handles company-wide playlist and compilation strategy.

Universal Music UK (& Ireland) is led by its Chairman and CEO, David Joseph CBE.

In  2018, in an interview with Music Business Worldwide, Joseph said: ““Music should never be taken for granted. We know [songs] affect people in the most extraordinary way – one that’s impossible to articulate – which is why I’m always a massive proponent that there’s no good or bad taste in music.”

Universal Music UK’s headquarters are located in Kings Cross, London.

In 2016, Selina Webb was promoted to EVP of Universal Music UK, which sees her actively involved in all strategic issues at the company, as well as wider industry relations.Music Business Worldwide

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