The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA)

Industry Org

The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) was launched in 1983 to advance the interests of the country’s record industry.

ARIA has over 100 members, ranging from small independent record labels to distributors, manufacturers and major record companies.

The organization is led by Chief Executive Officer Annabelle Herd.

ARIA also collects statistical information from its members and retailers in order to compile various ARIA charts.

Data is provided to ARIA  for the charts by over 1,100 retailers and DSPs.

The org also stages the annual ARIA Music Awards.

ARIA is administered by a Board of Directors comprising senior executives from indie and major record companies, including: Denis Handlin AO (Chair) (SME), George Ash (UMA), Libby Blakey (Warner), Sebastian Chase (MGM), Karen Don (UMA), Sophie McArthur (SME), Niko Nordström (WAR), David Vodicka (Rubber) and Natalie Waller (ABC).

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