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MelodyVR is a virtual reality music concerts company founded in the UK.

Established in X, MelodyVR has staged virtual concerts for the likes of Post Malone, John Legend and Khalid.

The company posted a £15m ($19m) net loss in calendar 2019 on revenues of £195,000 ($242,000).

In August 2020, MelodyVR announced it had acquired US-based Spotify rival Napster in a deal worth $70m.

According to an SEC filing from Napster’s previous majority-owner, RealNetworks, that $70m price-tag comprised $15m in cash, $11m in Melody VR stock and then “assumption by MelodyVR of approximately $44m in payment obligations, primarily to various music industry entities”.

MelodyVR was founded on April 22, 2015.Music Business Worldwide

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