Google is a search engine platform and global advertising company founded in 1998.

Google was previously the name of the brand’s parent company, but this became Alphabet after a restructuring in 2015. As a result, Google became Alphabet’s main subsidiary.

Google is the owner of YouTube, which in turn is the parent of YouTube Music.

Alphabet and Google financials

In the calendar year of 2019, Alphabet’s total revenues weighed in at $161.857 billion, up 18% year-on-year, or up 20% at constant currency year-on-year.

Of this $161.857 billion annual revenue haul, $15.149 billion came from YouTube advertising.

Some $98.115 billion came from Google Search and related properties.

In total, Google products – including YouTube and the Google Search engine – generated $134.811 billion in advertising in 2019.

Alphabet’s operating income in the year was $34.231 billion.Music Business Worldwide

Google In The News

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