Broadcast Music, Inc (BMI)

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Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) is a US-based collection society and music licensing organization.

It represents the public performance rights in over 17 million musical works created and owned by more than 1.1 million songwriters, composers, and music publishers.

A not-for-profit PRO, BMI is the US-based competitor to fellow collection society, ASCAP.

Founded in 1939, today BMI is led by its CEO, Michael O’Neill.


BMI saw a record $1.196 billion distributed and administered to its songwriters and publishers in the year ending June 30, 2019.

BMI’s total revenues in the same 12 month period stood at $1.283 billion, up 7% year-on-year.

The org said at the time that the $1.196 billion represented the “‘highest royalty distributions of any music rights organization in the world’ .Music Business Worldwide

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