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Alpha Data is a music business intelligence platform, formerly known as BuzzAngle Music.

The Alpha Data platform provides data concerning the streaming and sales performances of records in the United States and other markets.

In October 2020, media and entertainment companies MRC and Penske Media Corporation (PMC) announced a new joint venture that pulled together their respective data businesses.

This meant that MRC Data (formerly Nielsen Music), plus Alpha Data and Variety Business Intelligence, now sit under this JV, in which MRC and PMC share equal ownership and control.

In September 2020, in a separate announcement, these same two media companies announced P-MRC, a joint venture between Penske Media Corporation (PMC) and MRC, in which PMC owns a controlling stake.

P-MRC is the owner of titles such as Rolling Stone and Variety along with The Hollywood Reporter, Billboard and Vibe.

P-MRC also now owns the interest in Music Business Worldwide acquired by PMC in February 2020.Music Business Worldwide

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