Cécile Rap-Veber named Chief Executive Officer at Sacem, David El Sayegh promoted to Deputy CEO

Cécile Rap-Veber has been appointed Chief Executive Officer at French rights and distribution company Sacem.

In addition, David El Sayegh has also been promoted to Deputy Chief Executive Officer.

Rap-Veber is the first woman CEO of Sacem since its creation in 1851. She succeeds Jean-Noël Tronc, who has held the position since 2012.

She was formerly Sacem’s Director of Development, International and Operations, and member of the Executive Committee.

Rap-Veber joined the company in 2013, and, according to Sacem, has since played a “major role” in its digital transformation and internationalisation.

At Sacem, she initiated and supervised the deployment of online rights management platform URights, and oversaw global partnerships with platforms, media and international music publishers.

She, alongside El Sayegh, was also in charge of a project to create a new collective management body for press rights in France.

El Sayegh had previously been Secretary General since 2013, and was in charge of the Legal Department, Institutional Relations, Anti-Piracy and Music Services.

At Sacem, he has played a “major role” in promoting the recognition of authors’ rights at French and European levels, says the company, and made key contributions in developing legislative and regulatory framework that enabled the establishment of international partnerships.

The appointments of Rap-Veber and El Sayegh, says Sacem, underscore the Board’s desire to give Sacem “new strategic momentum.”

“Collective management and Sacem are more essential than ever.”

Patrick Sigwalt, Sacem

Patrick Sigwalt, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sacem, said: “Collective management and Sacem are more essential than ever to defend the value of creation and the rights of creators.

“I would like to thank Jean-Noël for the work he has carried out over the past nine years with the entire management team, which has enabled Sacem to strengthen its role as the leading authors’ society in France and throughout the world.

Added Sigwalt: “At this historic moment for the future of music and culture, we want more than ever to put authors, composers and publishers at the heart of our common house, Sacem, which belongs to them.

“And we want to go much faster, much farther and much more powerfully, and open a new stage in the history of Sacem!

“We must act rather than endure, and seize the opportunities available to us to strengthen the collective management model and promote our values of collective action, general interest and solidarity of which we are extremely proud.

“The appointment of Cécile and David underscores the Board’s recognition of their talent, expertise and the work they have accomplished.

“They have the full confidence of the Board, which is completely united behind our common ambition for Sacem and for our members.”

“I am very proud of the work we have accomplished.”

Jean-Noël Tronc

Jean-Noël Tronc, said: “I am very proud of the work we have accomplished with the executive leadership and the wonderful teams at Sacem over the past 9 years.

“The upheavals in the sector and the crises we have gone through together have demonstrated the fundamental role of collective management in the service of creators, our clients and all those who keep music alive.

“I wish Sacem every success in this new phase.”

“I am honoured to continue to uphold the values of collective management.”

Cécile Rap-Veber, Sacem

Cécile Rap-Veber, Chief Executive Officer of Sacem, added: “Born into a family of creators, and having constantly defended the interests of rights holders throughout my professional career, I am honoured to continue to uphold the values of collective management in the service of a repertoire as magnificent as Sacem’s.

“Over the last few years, we have worked with all of our teams to develop Sacem’s collections, support its technological transition, increase its transparency and extend its international influence.

“This is a great asset for the future. And I am convinced that with the support of the Board of Directors, with David and the management team at my side and with the proven professionalism and expertise of our staff, we have all the cards in hand to set in motion a new dynamic to serve our members and constituents and build the Sacem of tomorrow!”Music Business Worldwide

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