BBC Radio 1 ditches In New Music We Trust playlist

BBC Radio 1, one of the world’s most influential music radio stations, is axing its long-running In New Music We Trust playlist.

Previously the first step to a regular spot on the UK network’s playlists, INMWT has been dropped in favour of a new progression model for up-and-coming artists.

Radio 1 controller Ben Cooper recently announced a ‘phone-first’ strategy including a host of new programming.

One of these shows is the  ‘Radio 1 Specialist Chart with Phil Taggart’, which launched earlier this week.

Dubbed a ‘bite-size digest’, complied by combining the tracks most loved by Radio 1’s specialist presenters and listeners.

A Radio 1 spokesperson told MBW: “In line with the launch of the Specialist Chart, we’re phasing out the INMWT list on the Radio 1 playlist.

“In line with the launch of the specialist chart, we’re phasing out the INMWT list on the radio 1 playlist.”

Radio 1 spokesperson

“We’re adding two spaces to the C list to give us additional elbow room for great new stuff crossing over from specialist, and the Specialist Chart will be published with the Radio 1 Playlist each week.”

The station says it’s making the change for two reasons:

– ‘To respond to young people’s changing listening habits, showcasing the best of specialist music where early-adopting users are most likely to search for it – on their phone.’

– ‘To give greater impact to those new tracks and artists that do end up being added to the main Radio 1 playlist.’

Question is, what will become of those new tracks and artists that don’t end up on the main R1 playlist?

Will INMWT’s demise ultimately hurt or help the progression of new artists onto Radio 1?

Last week, MBW asked if Radio 1 was on the brink of a crisis, following the exit of 10 music staff from the station in little over a year.Music Business Worldwide

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