Astralwerks jumps into the world of video games with Twitch star Ninja – and his tens of millions of followers

Dance label Astralwerks is taking a leap into the unknown – in a bid to get its artists massive exposure amongst the video gaming community.

The Capitol Music Group label has inked a new partnership with Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins (pictured), who has a good claim to the title ‘the world’s biggest gamer’.

Ninja has the most followed channel on Twitch – where over 11m people watch him play Fortnite – in addition to 19 million subscribers on YouTube, and 11 million followers on Instagram.

He was recently featured on the cover of  ESPN Magazine (the first for any gamer in a mainstream sports magazine) and taught TV host Ellen DeGeneres how to play video games on air.

The team-up with Astralwerks was announced earlier today (October 26) at TwitchCon in San Jose, CA.

“Partnering with Ninja and taking our first step into the gaming world simultaneously as a label is an extremely exciting proposition.”

Toby Andrews, Astralwerks

The duo are launching ‘Ninjawerks’ – a music series which will be available in digital, CD and vinyl formats, featuring “many of today’s most acclaimed electronic artists”.

More songs, content and even merchandise will be launched under the Ninjawerks brand in the weeks ahead.

“I’m stoked about this project, first because I truly love the music, but also because I think this is another big step towards bridging the gap between music artists and gamers,” said Ninja.

“Our worlds keep getting more and more connected, and this feels like the next step — hopefully this can become the soundtrack to gaming. It’s also amazing to partner with Astralwerks and Capitol Music Group, because they bring so much credibility to the album. I mean. Come on. Get your ears ready.”

Astralwerks General Manager Toby Andrews added, “Partnering with Ninja and taking our first step into the gaming world simultaneously as a label is an extremely exciting proposition, and we couldn’t be happier to be announcing Ninjawerks.

“Working with Ninja and his team at Loaded to curate and conceptualize the album and the coming campaign has been remarkable. Through the hard work and dedication of a lot of people, it’s great to see this project come to life and expand the possibilities of what we can offer artists.”Music Business Worldwide

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