ASCAP launches Digital Team to increase transparency and efficiency

ASCAP, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, has announced its internal Digital Team – hiring two new senior execs to run it who both report into Alice Kim, ASCAP’s Chief Strategy & Digital Officer.

The Digital Team is comprised of the Digital Product & User Experience Group, led by Dena Fletcher, as well as the newly created Data Strategy & Business Intelligence Group, led by David Frigeri.

The PRO says it will harness ‘ASCAP’s rich data and other assets to make ASCAP’s music licensing, royalty collection and distribution processes more transparent and efficient for members and licensees’.

The Digital Team has launched its first new tool, a redesign of ASCAP’s public repertory database, ACE.

ASCAP continues to focus on creating a more efficient, transparent music marketplace, and this new Digital Team will play an essential role in developing tools and services that empower ASCAP members and licensees,” said ASCAP CEO Elizabeth Matthews.

“We have a full digital product roadmap and the Digital Team has been hard at work at re-launching a modernized, intuitive and Member Access experiences.  As the music landscape evolves, the Digital Team will build new experiences and re-engineer existing processes.

“Additionally, together with the Strategy & Business Development Group, the Digital Team will look to create new partnerships that transform the way our members and licensees interact with ASCAP,” said Alice Kim.

Dena Fletcher, Vice President, Digital Product & User Experience, will lead the implementation of ‘user-friendly experiences across ASCAP’s many touchpoints’.

Fletcher has 18 years experience in product development and user experience design of digital products.

She was previously Vice President of Product Development at Advance Digital where, as head of its web and mobile product design teams, she led the design and development of 12 responsive digital news and information properties.

Fletcher has an M.S. in Human Factors from Cornell University and a B.A. from University of Alberta.

David Frigeri joins ASCAP as Vice President, Data Strategy & Business Intelligence, charged with data quality and data monetization initiatives, predictive analytics, and data visualization.

Prior to ASCAP, Frigeri was Senior Vice-President for ColdLight Solutions, a machine learning and services startup (acquired by PTC, Inc), and held a senior role with another startup, Artisan, acquired by Tune.

Earlier in his career, Frigeri held leadership positions with Internap, an algorithmic driven routing company, and LimeLight where he led custom data and analytics related solutions for customers such as Netflix and Microsoft.

Frigeri attended MIT Sloan School of Management executive programs in finance and technology leadership and holds a B.A. from Hobart and William Smith College.Music Business Worldwide

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