Apple is hiring for a Global Head of Latin Music to grow ‘multi-million dollar business programs’

It’s no secret that Latin American music is resonating with global audiences more than ever before.

A trusty barometer of Latin music’s global appeal is YouTube, where the two biggest videos across the 12 months of last year were songs that were entirely in Spanish.

Number one was the “Te Bote” Remix – by Casper, Nio García, Darell, Nicky Jam, Bad Bunny and Ozuna.  That track’s current YouTube play count is around 1.6 billion.

Number two was “X” by Nicky Jam and J. Balvin (current streams: 1.4 billion).

In fact, eight of YouTube’s entire Top 10 biggest songs of 2018 were all in Spanish with only two songs that were in English: Maroon 5’s Girls Like You at No.3, and Drake’s God’s Plan at No.8.

What’s more, according to MBW’s calculations based on investor data, Spotify ended 2018 with 19.2m subscribers in Latin America, as well as 45.5m monthly active users. It is viewed as one of Daniel Ek‘s company’s most successful territories, helped by Spotify’s embracement of local artists and repertoire.

And as the global Latin Music explosion continues, Apple appears to want in on the action.

MBW has spotted a job ad for a Global Head of Latin Music Business at Apple, with “passion, energy and drive to develop and grow multi-million dollar business programs”.

Based in Miami, the successful candidate will play a role in expanding Apple Music‘s presence “to solidify [our] position in the global Latin music market, as well as identifying new partnership opportunities, and building and leading the global Latin music business team”.

As suggested by the job title, Apple is looking for an experienced executive for this role, asking for at least 15 years of industry work experience in and around the Latin entertainment business with a specific focus on music.

This individual will also be required to “work cross-functionally within Apple and with established & up-and-coming artists, major labels, indies, media partners, creative agencies, and other relevant industry players to drive maximum impact for Apple Music in the sector”.Music Business Worldwide

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