Apple names The Orchard, Kontor and CD Baby ‘Preferred Plus’ music distributors as part of new program

Apple has set up a ‘Preferred Distribution Program’, naming three top tier,  ‘Preferred Plus’ companies including The Orchard, Kontor and CD Baby.

As Preferred Plus distributors, The Orchard, Kontor and CD Baby have access to advanced analytics, advanced customer features, early access to Apple Music product features and early access to Apple Music Sales and Trends features.

The program lists 23 Preferred distributors in total and says that it works with three tiers of distributor: Preferred Plus, Preferred and Approved.

Preferred distributors only support “basic customer features” and a low Apple Music rejection rate.

Preferred distributors can also only deliver 10,000 songs per quarter, compared to 40,000 of the ‘Preferred Plus’ companies.

According to Apple, distributors listed in the program “consistently meet strict quality and delivery targets set by Apple” in addition to being “evaluated by Apple to ensure they have the necessary tools and expertise for content delivery”.Music Business Worldwide

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