Apple Music is coming to Sonos this year

One of the most popular articles on MBW this month was our description of the ‘5 big problems Apple Music must fix before launch’.

To be fair to the Cupertino giant, it’s not doing a bad job.

Two of the five – an disagreeable Taylor Swift and a lack of licensing from independent labels – have categorically been sorted.

Meanwhile, it’s understood that Apple remains confident of securing a deal with independent publishers.

Judging by Merlin’s and AIM’s positive statements in the aftermath of their endorsement of Apple Music’s contract, another of these ‘big problems’, concerns over the rights ramifications of D2F channel Connect, has also been calmed.

That just leaves two: licensing The Beatles and an official partnership with popular connected speaker company Sonos.

The latter, it seems, is now being mended – although not quite in time for Apple Music’s arrival tomorrow (June 30).

Apple Music Senior Director Ian Rogers confirmed via a tweet over the weekend that an official partnership between the two brands would be here ‘ASAP but not before launch’.

Apple has subsequently confirmed in a statement that it is “working together to make Apple Music available on Sonos before the end of the year.”

Who knows? If someone puts a call into Yoko et al today, Apple might have its ‘5 big problems’ part-way patched up before Apple Music lands.

Apple is alerting users of an iOS update tomorrow morning at 8am PST, which will upgrade devices in 100 international territories to feature Apple Music.

Users can indulge in a three-month free trial of the Spotify rival, while listening to worldwide live radio station Beats 1.

An Android version of Apple Music is expected to launch before the end of the year.Music Business Worldwide

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