Apple launches $99 HomePod mini smartspeaker

Apple launched its new HomePod mini smartspeaker at the company’s live-streamed event in California yesterday (October 13).

The new speaker costs $99, delivers “impressive sound” and “the intelligence of Siri to get things done,” states Apple.

Apple says that HomePod mini is designed to work with Apple Music, podcasts, radio stations from iHeartRadio,, and TuneIn, and in the coming months, music services including Pandora and Amazon Music. Spotify is not mentioned in Apple’s announcement.

Multiple HomePod mini speakers can also be used together to stream music or podcasts to multiple rooms.

A stereo pair can also be created by placing two HomePod mini speakers in a single room.

Apple claims that its new 8.5 cm tall HomePod mini “delivers a personalized and deeply integrated experience for iPhone customers”.

Personalised listening suggestions will automatically appear on an iPhone when it is next to HomePod mini, and instant controls are available without having to unlock an iPhone.

You can also bring an iPhone close to the HomePod mini and hand off the music to the smartspeaker “without missing a beat”.

“HomePod mini is the ultimate smart speaker for anyone with an Apple device.”

Bob Borchers, Apple

Bob Borchers, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Product Marketing, said:  “HomePod mini has everything customers want in a smart speaker — amazing sound for listening to music, a world-class intelligent assistant that delivers a personal experience to each member of the household, and like every Apple product, it’s designed with privacy and security in mind.

“HomePod mini is the ultimate smart speaker for anyone with an Apple device. It works effortlessly with iPhone to hand off music, answer calls, or deliver personalised listening suggestions, elevates the sound from Apple TV, plays music from a Mac, and so much more.

“There’s a lot of Apple innovation packed into such a small speaker, all at an affordable price.”Music Business Worldwide