Apple buys music analytics platform Asaii for ‘under $100m’

Apple has fully acquired Asaii, a startup which specializes in A&R-boosting music analytics.

The platform allows artists, labels and managers to “discover, track, and manage talent using machine learning” and is based in San Francisco.

The news of Asaii’s acquisition comes just three weeks after Apple completed the buyout of audio recognition platform Shazam for $400m.

UPDATE: Apple’s Asaii deal now appears to be something of an ‘acqui-hire’ – whereby the key individuals at a company come on board a larger ship. 

The team behind Asaii have previously worked at the likes of Uber, Apple, Facebook and Yelp.

The platform processes data from the likes of Spotify, SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – offering both streaming and social media analysis.

It allows users to compare daily, weekly and total playcounts of tracks across multiple artists.

According to Axios, Apple’s Asaii acquisition was “worth less than $100m”.

The deal has been confirmed by multiple further sources.

In March, Warner Music Group acquired Asaii rival Sodatone for an undisclosed fee.

The major music company said it hoped the buyout would “help to differentiate us in the search for the superstars of tomorrow”.Music Business Worldwide

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