AI music platform Muru Music Health partners with Universal Music Australia, launches crowdfund

Australia-born licensed AI music tech startup Muru Music Health (MMH) has entered into a partnership with Universal Music Australia as its exclusive music partner.

The subscription-based Muru Music Health claims to be the first music streaming service dedicated to people over the age 60 and aims “to help ward off the effects of brain ageing” with its AI tech.

A six month membership costs AUS $67.90 (approximately US $50).

The platform offers customized playlists tailored to individuals based on their age, language, childhood, heritage and music preferences, to help relax, energize and recover lost memories.

This partnership with Universal Music Australia will provide music access to aged care and retirement village residents across Australia with 5,000 Muru Music Health memberships donated to retirement village residents and aged care residents.

The word “Muru” is Aboriginal (Dharug) meaning Pathway, Gateway or Journey.

Muru Music Health (Journey to Music Health) was launched in September 2020 in Australia by Nicc Johnson, who is originally from Amsterdam.

Johnson grew up in Ibiza where he became a professional DJ and resident at Pacha. Nicc studied Musicology specializing in Music and the Brain and Music Taste and moved to Australia nine years ago. He is the creator of the A.I Music Brain and

The company is currently looking for investors via crowdfunding platform Birchal to help it launch in the UK in the new year.

Today, 22% of the global population is over the age of 60, and every three seconds someone is diagnosed with Dementia. With 10 million new diagnoses each year, the costs of Dementia Care are expected to exceed US $2 trillion dollars by 2030.

While there is no cure to ageing or cognitive decline, research has shown listening to music can reduce anxiety, depression, blood pressure, and pain as well as improve sleep quality, mood, memory and slow down the effects of brain ageing.

Therapists and neurologists have found that when a person listens to familiar songs from their youth, it can reduce the level of confusion and in some cases enable more effective communication.

Muru Music Health claims to be leading a scalable and flexible music solution to support this research.

“Our mission is to keep our ageing population independent, happy and healthy for as long as possible.”

Nicc Johnson, Muru Music Health

Nicc Johnson, Founder of Muru Music Health said “This started off as a passion project to create a music platform my parents could actually use.

“They’ve always been massive music fans, but in recent years have stopped listening, because they struggle with all the new technologies.

“Having lost my grandmother to Alzheimer’s I’ve seen the impact music can make first-hand and I want to make sure there is an easy to use platform to help stimulate brain ageing.

Added Johnson: “The reality is, everyone knows someone experiencing some form of brain ageing. Our mission is to keep our ageing population independent, happy and healthy for as long as possible.

“The moment someone loses independence because of brain ageing, it affects their quality of life and becomes a strain on healthcare systems and economies.

“As Muru Music Health grows in Australia we’re calling on our partners and our community through crowdfunding platform Birchal to help our launch in the UK in the new year.”Music Business Worldwide

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