After closing seed rounds, music startups AudioShake, MYXT team up to integrate technologies

Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of AudioShake

Music startups AudioShake and MYXT, which have both recently announced seed funding rounds, have teamed up to integrate their technologies, opening new revenue opportunities for artists.

Myxt, an audio file management platform that recently raised $2 million, integrated AudioShake’s stem-separating technology into its suite of AI tools for musicians, according to a press release.

The collaboration aims to provide Myxt users with access to AudioShake’s source separation tool, enabling them to create stems and export them for various opportunities such as content creation, sync licensing, and mixing. 

Myxt was founded in 2018 by Wetherell and Sheena Pakanati, who are early engineers for tech companies including Google, Stripe, and Twitter.

The company counts Accel Ventures and Quiet Capital among its backers.

The deal follows AudioShake’s $2.7 million seed round last month, which took the company’s total fundraising to date over $5 million.

AudioShake’s investors include Indicator Ventures, Precursor Ventures and Side Door Ventures, as well as Black Squirrel Partners, a growth equity and content investing firm founded by Metallica, and Crush Ventures, the venture capital arm of Crush Music, which manages Miley Cyrus, Lorde and Sia, among others.

AudioShake’s source separation technology uses AI algorithms to identify and isolate distinct components, or stems, within an audio file. 

These stems serve as assets for creators seeking opportunities in sync licensing, spatial audio, remasters, and more. 

By granting Myxt users access to AudioShake’s technology, audio creators can now generate stems for recordings in their Myxt library, including ongoing projects, demos, and unfinished tracks. This feature opens up unique possibilities for composing entirely new songs and drawing inspiration from existing or dormant work.

The collaboration comes on the heels of Myxt’s recent launch out of beta, which introduced advanced AI-powered capabilities like reference mastering, automated transcription of lyrics and dialogue, and automatic detection of BPM, key, and chords.

“AudioShake has the cleanest stem separation we’ve heard and we’re thrilled to be able to share that with creators on Myxt and embed it into their workflow.”

Chris Wetherell, Myxt

Chris Wetherell, Co-Founder and CEO of Myxt, said: “At Myxt, we are building easy-to-use tools that remove the friction from the creation process. Musicians can now focus on what they do best – being creative. Adding stem separation to our platform opens up entirely new ways for artists to work on their music.”

“AudioShake has the cleanest stem separation we’ve heard and we’re thrilled to be able to share that with creators on Myxt and embed it into their workflow,” Wetherell continued.

Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of AudioShake, highlighted the wide adoption of their technology across major labels, publishers, and artists in the industry. 

“With this Myxt integration, creators of all sizes will be able to create AudioShake stems at reduced prices, making cutting-edge AI accessible for all,” said Jessica Powell, Co-Founder and CEO of Audioshake.

“From voice memos and live sessions to analog recordings and lost project files, AudioShake stems open up recordings to new opportunities and creative re-imagination. We’re excited to integrate with Myxt’s platform, so that a creator’s music and stems can be stored in one place,” Powell added.

The availability of AudioShake on Myxt is now accessible to all creators. Premium account holders can access a free trial of AudioShake’s stem separation platform within the Myxt workspace.

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