After being acquired by Chartmetric, tech platform Onesheet, which can build artist One-Sheets ‘in seconds’ launches first version in beta

US music data analytics firm Chartmetric has launched the first official version of Onesheet (, a new platform that allows artists and managers to create digital one-sheets “in seconds”.

With Onesheet, users can search for their favorite artists and instantly create customized sites with all the relevant data about their tracks, streams, live events, audience demographics, social media, and more.

Onesheet is currently in its beta version so all membership tiers will be free until September 1.

Onesheet was acquired by Chartmetric in October 2022 (its first company acquisition). Co-founded by Stevie Elsworth and Mike Miller, UK-based onesheet claimed to be able to “pull in data from Spotify & the web to build stunning one sheets in seconds that stay up-to-date”.

The platform’s name comes from the one-sheets used in the music industry to provide a glimpse into an artist’s career and new releases.

To create a Onesheet, you type the name of the artist and the app will immediately gather all of their information from Chartmetric’s database featuring more than 8 million artists.

If you’re looking for an artist that’s not in the database, you can add the link to their Spotify page and Onesheet will generate a site anyway.

Onesheet is claimed to be able to offer “a simple and intuitive interface that allows users to easily edit their sheets: move content around, add custom imagery, and hide data they don’t need”.

The app also allows users to “quickly create multiple versions of their sheets for different audiences and easily distribute them by sharing the link,” according to Chartmetric.

In addition, Onesheet is integrated with Bandsintown to automatically sync live shows and with YouTube to add videos and pull in images found online.

All these features are fully customizable, allowing users to add as many extra images and videos as they want.

“Drawing from my experience in the music industry, I am truly impressed by how Onesheet enhances the visibility and promotion of artists.”

Andreas Katsambas, Chartmetric

“Drawing from my experience in the music industry, I am truly impressed by how Onesheet enhances the visibility and promotion of artists,” Andreas Katsambas, President & COO of Chartmetric, said.

“Its intuitive interface simplifies the process while providing a comprehensive overview of any artist. This invaluable tool benefits not only music industry professionals but also artists across all levels.”

The official launch of onesheet follows Chartmetric’s launch in December of ‘V2’ of its own platform, including new track filtering capabilities.Music Business Worldwide

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